As a special for the fall season, come enjoy the forest course and zipline in the dark!

Make it a date night, share it with friends.  You begin when your guides greet you at the fire pit with s'mores.   Then put on your harness and glow-sticks and off you go for your forest adventure.

Candia's Aerial Adventure Forest challenge course, including the big zip across the park, allows you to enjoy a beautiful woodland environment while engaging in fun, healthy and challenging activities which build self-confidence, balance, agility, and teamwork skills.


While the Aerial Adventure Forest consists of 3 areas, for this special adventure guests will only go through the pods 1 and 2 and then move on to the Big Zips.   Pods 1 and 2 include two levels of difficulty in the trees.  Participants are challenged to move from platform to platform in the trees, and from the ground, by traversing bridges, climbing ladders, scaling obstacles and crossing zip lines.

Examples of element challenges include: 

  • Trapeze bridge
  • Log suspension bridge
  • Himalayan bridge
  • Quick jump freefall
  • Cargo net
  • Self-belay devices


Candia Springs


Reservations required
For ages 7 and up.
Minimum height of 48".
Maximum weight is 250 pounds.**
Dry clothing and closed toe shoes are required.
Guests must arrive on time for their scheduled tour time.
A Release of Liability must be signed prior to participation.  If under 18 yrs, a parent or legal guardian must sign.
Not recommended for women who are pregnant (consult doctor prior to visit).

**If we are unable to properly fit the harness, we cannot allow participation.

Participants must be:

  • capable of performing specific safety tasks independently.
  • willing to accept all risks, get specific training, and negotiate elements.
  • able to read, listen and understand all rules, procedures, and instructions.
  • of sound body and mind and NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
AGE                          LEVEL 1                   LEVEL 2         
7 - 9 yrs               Supervised          With an Adult
10 - 12 yrs         Supervised          Supervised
13 - 14 yrs         Solo                         Supervised
15+ yrs                Solo                         Solo
  • Solo:  Can participate alone
  • Supervised:  Adult (18+) guiding children from the park ground (10 children per adult maximum)
  • With an Adult:  Adult (18+) must accompany children on ropes courses (2 children per adult maximum)

What to Bring

Aerial Adventure Course:

  • Closed toe shoes that will not slip off.
  • Dry, weather appropriate, clothing. We recommend longer shorts or tights that will fit comfortably under the leg straps of the harness.
  • Sunscreen and bug-spray.